This blog a lookbook of where I get my style inspiration from and probably also my own photos depicting my interpretation thereof.

The purpose of such an online lookbook is to consolidate all my inspiring style pics collected from and also kept in many different channels into one lookbook, which I would love to share with you. A 21st century lookbook I can refer to whenever I want to draw inspiration from Audrey Hepburn when brunching with the ladies or even when I am lying in bed in the early morning in need of an inspired outfit to wear to work or to go about the day in. Why so much effort, you might ask? Well, personally, I believe in the power of one’s unique style. This style is your way of telling the world what kind of mood you are in – perhaps you are feeling jovial when wearing yellow or perhaps you need to close a business deal and you feel the power colour red is the way to go.

My mood, my to do list, my inspiration sources and my current wardrobe all play a role in what I will wear on any given day. Your outfit is your way of saying “HELLO” yo the world, without needing to speak a single word.And I want to make sure that I say that in a language everyone understands, in other words through my style and interpretation of fashion.

– LBLb xx.


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